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OwlsheadGPS Project - Garmin® GPS Map (32-bit)       OwlsheadGPS Project - Garmin® GPS Map (32-bit)       6.0 HOT
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The GPS Map Installer for 32-bit Windows will load OwlsheadGPS OHV route maps on to compatible Garmin GPS devices. Once installed your GPS device will display the designated OHV route network within the OwlsheadGPS Project Area.

You can use the GPS maps to plot your course and to view your position on the map. Using our GPS maps can help you stay on the legal, designated OHV routes.

The file is compressed into a ZIP file for faster download to your computer. Consult our Help section for information on using the GPS Map Installer for Windows and the GPS maps.


Size 3.75 MB
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Price FREE
Changed 2020-01-14