NOTE: The OwlsheadGPS Project's GPS maps are not compatible with all Garmin™ GPS devices. Do not attempt to use the GPS Map Installer software or provided map if your Garmin™ GPS device model is not specifically mentioned at:

In summary, the GPS Map Installer runs on your Windows PC.  It first checks that your connected Garmin GPS device is compatible.  Then the GPS Map Installer copies our map image files to your GPS and merges them into map image file on your GPS.  If you already have custom maps on your GPS, you can choose to replace them or merge them with our GPS map.

The Friends of Jawbone is not responsible for any damages or losses that may result from the use of the software and/or maps provided on this site.

1.  Turn on your Garmin GPS and connect to your computer.

2.  Save and run owlsheadgps_XX.exe  (GPS Map Installer application; XX= version code).

3.  Look under IMG Map Files and confirm that “owlsheadgps_XX” is listed.

4.  If you wish to turn off the GPS after transfer, check the appropriate box (GPS should be turned off and turned on again after map uploading for the new map to appear).

IMPORTANT:  If you have custom maps already loaded on your Garmin GPS, such as Garmin MapSource TOPO US maps, and you want them to remain on your unit, be sure to check the box next to “Add to existing maps.”  If you leave this box unchecked, all of the custom maps you have loaded will be deleted and you will have to reinstall them.  If you have large or many maps loaded on your GPS, it may take several hours to merge the maps. If there is not enough memory on your GPS unit for all the maps, the upload will fail, and you will have to remove some of your maps and re-try.

5.  Click “Upload to GPS” to start the upload.6.  The map will appear as the top map in your GPS device. The map is scalable, and you must “zoom in” to view the road and trail features. To turn off the map, go to the map set-up page for your GPS device and under the information tab uncheck the box next to the map.

Uninstalling Maps:
To uninstall the "owlsheadgps_XX" GPS Map, you will need to either overwrite it by installing a different map(s) or delete the gmapsupp.img file from your unit. NOTE: Deleting the gmapsupp.img file will delete all of the custom maps from the GPS requiring you to reinstall them.