The Owlshead GPS MapViewer utilizes the popular Google Maps user interface in which to display the Project's route data.  There is a good chance that you already know how to use Google Maps, and if not, you'll probably learn it quickly and find it easy to use.

• Using the Map Viewer you can zoom in and out, and move and scroll across the map.

• You can even street-level imagery by moving the "pegman" icon along streets and highways.

• You can also change the background to either:

— a base road map with streets and highways ("Map" tab)
— a base road map without streets and highways ("OwlsheadGPS" tab)
— a topographic map (under "Map" tab)
— satellite imagery ("Satellite" tab)

• If you wish to reset the map and return it to the default view, click the "Reset Map" link in left side menu.

For specific help using the MapViewer powered by Google Maps, see the Google Maps Help Page: