Searching for Locations

You can search for locations within the Project Area by any of three latitude/longitude coordinate formats:

Degrees Decimal (DD)
ex. 35.6225N 117.6699W
or 35.6225 -117.6699

Degrees Minutes Decimal (DMD)
ex. N35 37.350 W117 40.194
or 35 37.350 -117 40.194

Degrees Minutes Seconds (DMS)
ex. 35 37 21N 117 40 11W

Click here for a handy online coordinate converter.

• The MapViewer location search supports coordinates in the WGS84 map datum.
• The MapViewer does not support the UTM or other coordinate systems.
• The MapViewer does not support placename search. You can use the Google Maps website to perform placename searches and obtain their coordinates for use with the MapViewer.

Searching for Routes

You can search for OHV route names within the Project Area by using the following format:

• R10
• EP15
• SC103
• 27S02

Routes must be in the Project Area. There are a small number of route names that do not use a prefix and number.

Click here regarding other limitations with the current route data.