Viewing OHV Route Maps

Use the familiar Google Maps interface to navigate to the area you wish to view.  Click on a green or yellow OHV route to center the route within your browser window and inside a blue bounding box.  The box contains the entire route from end point to end point.

On top of the bounding box will be a small popup window that displays information about that route, including the route number, the agency that manages the route, and an indicator for full-size and motorcycle routes.  There are also links to download a data file for the route in either the GPX or KML format.

You can also go directly to map coordinates and OHV routes by using the Search tool.  Click here to learn more information.

Printing OHV Route Maps

Simply use the print features of your computer and printer to print OHV route maps from your browser.  Consider printing to PDF files for your mobile device for times when you do not have internet access.