The Friends of Jawbone is proud to have received Education and Safety grant from the California Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division (OHMVR) for this project which will improve the public's use of GPS data in California's back country.

This effort is named the OwlsheadGPS Project in memory of a young boy whose life was lost in Death Valley National Park in August 2009.  It is believed that he and his mother got lost deep in the Owlshead Mountains after following the inaccurate back country road data that came on their GPS.

The tragedy inspired Friends of Jawbone to create this online, GPS-ready library of files with the official, legal back country motor vehicle routes in California.

The mission of the OwlsheadGPS Project is to encourage OHV and motor vehicle users to use only the designated roads and trails.  Those who do so will:
1.  Better protect their own safety by lessening the risks posed by abandoned mines and other hazards.
2.  Better protect sensitive natural resources and threatened species such as the desert tortoise.
3.  Better protect the future prospects for sustainable motorized recreation on public lands.